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Content marketing: Top 5 free Twitter tools in 2013

Top free Twitter toolsWhat are the top free twitter tools to use for your social media campaign?

It’s great to see so many Twitter tools popping up recently, but with so much choice, the hard part is sorting the good from the bad.

So if you’re looking for a Twitter tool to aid your social media strategy, then you’re in luck!

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 5 most useful Twitter tools currently available for no cost at all.

1. Followerwonk

Twitter is a fantastic way of connecting with people who aren’t in your network, but finding the right people to connect with can be very time consuming.

If you’ve ever wondered how to target your content to specific Twitter users, then Followerwonk is the tool for you!

Followerwonk lets your search for people based on keywords in their bio and you can rank them in order of their following. That means you can quickly identify influencers in your industry and begin to build relationships with them!

Once you have identified your top 10 or 20 influencers, where relevant, send them links to your blog posts in the hope of getting a re-tweet, riding off the back of their popular accounts.

2. Bitly

How many people clicked on my tweet?

Twitter is the perfect channel for driving traffic to your site, so it only makes sense that you track which content is popular for driving traffic.

Bitly does just this; it allows you to track the success of the links you’re posting, so you can adapt your content strategy accordingly.

It also provides you with geographical information, so you can be sure that your links are reaching the right people.

As well as allowing you to track links, Bitly will also shorten them for you, freeing up space in that all-important 140 characters for more useful content.

One of our favourite features is that you can customize the appearance of your links to make it clear to users where they are being directed.

3. Buffer

How do I save time on my social media marketing, you may wonder?

Enter Buffer.

Buffer’s main function is to schedule tweets and posts across multiple media platforms (particularly Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

Teaming up with Tweriod (a Twitter tool which helps users find the best times to post), Buffer will post at only the most optimal times for reaching a wider audience.

However, you can also schedule the times manually, giving you total control over when people see your posts.

If you’re managing a lot of accounts, Buffer offers an “Awesome” plan, which costs just $10 a month and allows unlimited posting for up to 12 social accounts and 2 team members (which is ideal for small agencies).

You can also track clicks, re-tweets and shares of your content. Bonus!

4. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a tool that we’ve been using for a couple of years now, and unlike other free tools which have gone on to become a paid service only (yes you, Twilerts!), it has remained true to its unique selling point and is still free!

Twitter Counter allows you to track your Twitter follower stats over a period of time, and you can set the time period for whatever you wish to look at.

It shows you predictions on how many followers you will gain in the future, based on your following growth, and you can also compare your growth to competitor’s Twitter accounts.

This Twitter tool also has a paid version, which gives you more data, like how many people have mentioned you, re-tweets etc.

5. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is an amazing free Twitter tool, focused on analytics and tracking.

Users have access to a surprising amount of information about any Twitter account, including your own, which can then be used to optimise  your content marketing strategy.

In a glance, users can view detailed information about any Twitter account, including who they have been interacting with the most, hashtags they most commonly use and which of their tweets have been the most re-tweeted.

There is a lot more you can glean from Twitonomy, which you can learn here

Free Twitter tools are constantly emerging, enabling you to continually refine your content marketing efforts, but it can be overwhelming when there is so many to choose from.

We suggest just using a couple which best align with your objectives and utilising them often to help maximise the potential of your Twitter activity.

Which one do you think is the best free Twitter tool?

Written by Aimee Joseph

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