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Reach the RIGHT people (not just anyone) with a relevant content marketing strategy

Whenever you need to know the answer to a question – where is the first place you go?

That’s right. Google.

If your target customer is asking Google a question, then you should be the one answering it.

Defining a clear content marketing strategy will help your target market find your website by giving them what they are searching for.

What’s even more important is helping them find the right answer.

What is content marketing?

content marketing strategy

Content marketing could send you to the zoo with the kids, put you in a hot air balloon, or make you realise you’ve always wanted to see that West End musical.

It’s clever.

That’s the beauty of it.

People HATE being sold to – FACT.

Don’t waste money by telling people how much they need to buy your products.

Consumers don’t trust companies; they trust their peers.

And, where are their peers? Online. On social networks, on blogs and reading reviews.

So, what should my content marketing strategy look like?

The fundamental element of any content marketing strategy needs to address the following:

1. Which channels are your target market using the most?
2. What are your target consumers searching for online?

Content marketing answers the questions customers are asking every day. And as they only trust their peers, building a credible online presence (which their social circle advocates) is essential for the zero moment of truth.

Help people help themselves

When somebody finds your content, it should respond to a specific need and add value for that web visitor.

This means everybody is happy; the customer has found the solution to a problem (and are now aware of your brand’s business) and you have a marketing strategy that cleverly reaches out to the right people.

It sounds simple enough, but too many brands are wasting money by not being smart with their marketing budget.

It’s not just about clicks and visits; it’s about the right clicks.

It’s about the clicks that actually care about what you’re selling.

Somebody, somewhere is asking questions that are relevant for your business.

However, the million dollar question is: are you giving them the right answer?

And if so, can they find it?

Written by Aimee Joseph

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