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Social Media: Why we need to stop obsessing over engagement

Engagement, engagement, engagement.

That’s all we hear nowadays.

How do I increase engagement on social media channels?

That’s the question marketers want to know and it’s what most brands struggle with.

facebook engagement

But why is social media engagement deemed so important?

Gaining high social media engagement is seen as proof that your social media strategy is working.

It’s seen as proof that all those hours you poured into curating and creating content has paid off.

But what if your Facebook posts, tweets, pins etc. don’t attract any engagement?

What if no one likes, re-tweets, replies or re-pins your content?

Does that make it redundant? Does that mean you are wasting your time?

The simple answer is no.

Why social media engagement isn’t the be all and end all

Whilst people tend to focus on engagement, they can often forget about reach.

Social media is all about brand building and brand visibility.

It has become part of the purchase cycle for consumers.

If someone sees your brand name online regularly, there is more chance they will choose you over your competitors when they need your product or service.

Social media works in a sense just like traditional advertising

We may not think traditional adverts have a big impact on us, but you would be surprised to know that they do.

For example, if you drove past a billboard with a Crunchie on it, you wouldn’t give it a second thought… not consciously anyway.

But then you go into a newsagent and want a chocolate bar and are faced with huge range of options.

Without even thinking about it, you reach for the Crunchie.

This is how I  see social media working for brands.

Brands need to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds ahead of  their competitors, being visible through producing regular content online.

Who you reach is more important than engagement

social media engagement

The number of people you reach through your content should be your number one priority over engagement.

Therefore, invest time in building up your fan-base so you can continually reach your target market with valuable content.

Don’t get so hung-up on low engagement; instead focus on maximizing the reach of your content.

After all, not every brand can create content which gains lots of traction – it’s especially difficult for smaller brands to do this.

To sum up, don’t panic when no-one likes your post, or re-tweets your funny tweet – if 5,000 people saw the content, then you are doing well, trust me!

Written by Aimee Joseph

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