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Top 5 social media campaigns with impressive results

top social media campaignsSocial media marketing is now an integral part of any digital strategy.

It’s cost-effective when utilised properly and a great way to develop your brand.

Now we know it’s not an easy task to attract the public’s attention online and keep it.

Campaigns have to be fresh, interesting and engaging – all of which are hard things to get right, especially since we have information overload these days.

So, to give you some inspiration we’ve compiled together some of the most successful campaigns of recent years.

Aren’t we nice?

These campaigns really nailed it in terms of timing, innovation and creativity. The amount of shares, likes, YouTube views and retweets generated are testament to their success.

Take a look ☺

Nike: London Olympics

Find your greatness Nike campaign

By celebrating everyday athletes, Nike outshone the official sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics, Adidas.

This was no mean feat!

The centre piece of Nike’s campaign was a ‘Find your Greatness’ film that went viral on YouTube, and other social media channels.

Running parallel to this was a Twitter promotion #findgreatness which ignited global conversation about how athletes around the world find their own greatness.

Nike achieved a 6% growth in its number of Facebook fans and a 77% boost in engagement on its Facebook page, compared to 2% and 59% respectively for Adidas.


Cadbury Dairy Milk: Thanks a Million

Cadbury realised that despite having 1 million fans on Facebook, only 16% of them actually saw content that the brand posted (damn you EdgeRank!).

At the beginning of 2012, they launched a campaign in order to up their engagement amongst fans as well as reaching the wider Facebook community.

So what did they do?

Cadbury Thanks a Million campaign

They decided to build a giant Facebook ‘like’ thumb, out of pieces of Dairy Milk obviously!

Cadbury used teaser ads to build up the event and streamed the construction process live for viewers to watch.

This led to a whopping increase in fan engagement. 250,000 people were actively involved in the campaign and Cadbury gained 40,000 new Facebook fans.


Heinz: Five Beanz Campaign

Heinz Five Beans campaign

Heinz have always been great at using social to create a buzz around its new products.

Last year, in order to promote their new Five Beanz product, the company created a ‘My Grown Up Beanz’ game.

The game asked Facebook users a series of questions about their personality and then told which type of the five beans they had grown up to be most like.

Every hour, 5 winners were picked to receive their own ‘personalised bean’. Participants who invited 10 of their friends to play the game also received a free goodie bag.

This was a stroke of genius and by the end the campaign had generated 22,000 quiz participants and 30,000 new Facebook fans.

Take that Branston!

British Airways: Race the Plane

British Airways Race the Plane

In September 2013, British Airways marked the launched of its Dreamliner fleet by running a competition pitting one of its state-of-the-art aircraft against a virtual plane, called the ‘Tweetliner’.

The campaign asked followers to get involved by tweeting #RaceThePlane to help power the virtual plane.

The more tweets, the faster the plane went. The race was from London to Toronto and could be tracked online.

People who tweeted were automatically entered into a competition to win one of five pairs of flight tickets to Toronto. The race was then repeated with a flight from London to LA giving consumers another chance to win.

The campaign triggered an enormous amount of social participation with over 30,000 tweets with the hashtag in 30 days!

If that’s not an innovative campaign, we don’t know what is.

Heineken Brazil: One Like One Balloon

Heineken One Like Social Media Campaign

In January 2012, International beer brand Heineken launched a simple but incredibly eff

Called ‘One like One Balloon’, every time someone from Brazil liked the page a green balloon was blown up and placed in an office.ective digital campaign to drive more Brazilian fans to like its Facebook page.

Told you it was simple!

In just 6 hours, one post generated more than 12,000 likes, 31 video responses and impacted 500,000 people on Facebook.

Oh and there was a room full to the brim with balloons!


In conclusion…

The creative and innovative nature of these campaigns use a clear theme which sticks in people’s minds.

Our personal favourite has to be Heineken’s One Balloon One Like.

The simplicity and effectiveness of this campaign speaks volumes about what can be achieved with relatively little financial expenditure.

Nice work guys!

Hopefully the above examples have got your creative juices flowing and provided you with some fruitful inspiration.

We can hear the cogs turning already…

Written by Aimee Joseph

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