Uncommon Sense No.3

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Paid. Owned. Earned.

Your social marketing strategy is dependant on knowing these 3 little words, and how to use them to get the right response from your audience.

With 68% of Facebook users saying a recommendation from a friend is more likely to influence them to buy a product or visit a retailer - earned media is what really counts.

So what are they?

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Successful brands and businesses 'own' pages which are full of rich content and highly active community conversations. It’s busy, noisy, fun and there's lot's to engage users. Without the content though, there's no reason to be there. What's to like otherwise?


What all brands aspire to. A coverage and advocacy that money can't buy. Here likes, mentions, recommendations and shares represent fans who are so engaged in your brand, that they are compelled to share it with the world.

What gets the best response?

  • Coupons and giveaways naturally get the most entries and volume. And if it’s good enough - shares follow.
  • Users are just as likely to enter competitions whether they heard it via a friends like, or directly from the brand. The position from within Facebook is not the driving factor in entering.
  • Trivia, quizzes and competitions generate the most immediate shares. It's a challenge to your friends, and 'picking your favourites' or other campaigns which reveal your personal tastes, preferences and opinions, generate the most earned media.
  • The greatest percentage in the conversion of new users comes from earned media. 82% of users that clicked on a friends news feed about a quiz, goes on to take the quiz themselves.
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