Coolpink's uncommon team.

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Mark Bower

Photo of Mark Bower

Managing Director

Martin O'Toole

Photo of Martin O'Toole

Commercial Director

Richard Jones

Photo of Richard Jones

Strategy & Insights Director

Stewart Wells

Photo of Stewart Wells

Co-Creative Director

Richard Gell

Photo of Richard Gell

Co-Creative Director

Alex Ellis

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Head of Operations and Delivery

Emma McMinn

Photo of Emma McMinn

Lead Retail Designer

Heather Booth

Photo of Heather Booth

Senior Account Manager

Daniel Jackson

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Edward Stott

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Account Executive

Michelle Carr

Photo of Michelle Carr

Office Manager

Mark Richards

Photo of Mark Richards

Conversion & Insights Manager

Jennie Baldwin

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Finance Manager

Jack Ellery

Photo of Jack Ellery

Digital Marketing Executive

Chris Jones

Photo of Chris Jones

Project Manager

Adam Walsh

Photo of Adam Walsh

Senior Account Manager

Sue Young

Photo of Sue Young

Studio Manager

Aimee Joseph

Photo of Aimee Joseph

Content Manager